People That Make Us Grieve The Most


(by Fryzen Ichen) There are so many people coming in and going out of our lives. Some of them stay with us only for a short time, some of them may stay with us for a long time, some even stay with us for the rest of our lives. Some of them may not make us very sad losing them, but some of them make us cry a river when we lose them. There could be many people that will make us very sad when they die, but these are 5 people that I could think of.

Parents. Parents mean the world to us. We almost can’t live or don’t want to live without them. Besides our studies and experiences, Parents are the people who make us the person we are today. We study as high as we can for us to have a better life later in the future, but we also do that because we want to make them proud and happy with what we have achieved. This is why we grieve for a little longer when we lose them. They are the greatest supporters that will never ever forsake us even when we fall down a thousand times. They make a home feels home. They connect us with other siblings when we get older and have our own lives.

Childhood Friends. Childhood is the only time of our lives where we feel free. For most of us, it is the happiest time of our lives. What makes it even happier and better is who we spend the time with. Some of our childhood friends are even become our best friends today. Sometimes, when we think of going back to the past (childhood), we actually think about the people who we spent time with. Those people are called childhood friends. We do almost everything that we could in childhood with them. Besides parents, our childhood friends make us feel home when we are home. Most of them have become like family to us. This is why we feel very sad when we lose them.

Best Friends. Best friends are people who know our bests and worsts, and that will never change the way they see us. Some of them are our childhood friends. Some of them are the people we meet along as we grow up. Some of them are the people who we spend most of our times with. They are the people we can go crazy with. The people we can fight with and never leave us. They are the people that first come to our mind when we think of how and who we will spend our holiday with, besides family. Some of the best stories of our lives are made with them. We feel like we lose people that we could lean on to when they’re gone for forever.

Spouse. When I say spouse, besides husbands and wives, It is included the people that we are having very close relationship with, boyfriends and girlfriends too. These people are the people that we have decided or will be deciding to live with for the rest of our lives. We made vows with them to keep sticking together no matter what happen. Most of our dreams we make together with them. They are the people that we look for as we grow up. They are the people that will complete our happiness. We become one when we get married. We feel what they feel, and they feel the same way. They are the people who will stand by our side and fight together with us till the end. The most saddest thing that could happen to us is losing them. Because when they’re gone, we will continue to live the same life of ours without them. We will feel like we lose a very vital part of our lives.

Children. They are our pride and joy. We will never stop dreaming dreams as long as we live. When we are young we dream to have a better life in the future. When we make it to the future, living the dreams we had been dreaming of, we don’t stop right there. We continue dreaming for our children. We dream about their future. We even plan better plans for them. We don’t want the mistakes that we made in the past repeated by them. Our lives become example for them. We try all the bests that we can, to give them a better lives. They become our reflection. People see us through them. They continue to live our names and lives. We feel like we fail to make our dreams come true when they died. We feel like we couldn’t dream anymore because nobody will live those dreams. It takes a quite long time to grieve when we lose them. For some people, it takes years to accept the lost.

I am very sure, there are many people that will make us very sad when we lose them. But those are the top 5 that I could think of.



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