LOVE Lake (Heart Shapped Lake)

CH5bLHAUYAAuTRD.jpg-large(by Fryzen Ichen) This beautiful lake is located in District of Sentani, Jayapura, Papua-Indonesia. The lake is in the middle of forest. The natives called the lake “Emfote” long before people began to visit the place as a tourism destination. Years before, the natives use the lake for swimming after work in garden, or stop for awhile for drinking water from the lake. People saw crocodile very often in the lake before the lake became a tourism destination. The visitors called the lake “Love Lake” because of the shape of the lake, like a heart. Now this place becomes one of the most visited tourism places in Sentani. Many people go there for relaxing on weekends with family or friends. Some go there for pre-wedding photos as well. You can go there by car or motorbike for about 2-3 hours of driving. you can also go there by boat, crossing Sentani Lake, and walk to the Love lake for about 30-45 minutes. So, true adventurers, this place could be one of the best and romantic places to visit. danau-love


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