Imogiri Pine Trees

4283132_20130417073404(by Fryzen Ichen) Imogiri Pine Trees is located in Bantul, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. It takes about 30-45 minus driving from the main city, Yogyakarta. Imogiri Pine Trees is one of the best places to visit if you love nature. It is a high land, so you can enjoy some beautiful views from there. Most people go there for photo hunting, like pre-wedding, recreations, etc. It is very beautiful to visit in the afternoon, and wait to enjoy the beautiful sunset. It is very cheap. there are good toilets (not dry toilets), and fresh water as well. I went there with my friends lately, we bought bottles of water from the main city, and brought up to the location, because we thought the water won’t be as clean and fresh as what we found in some places that we visited, but we were wrong. the water was quite clean and fresh, so we brought the water that we bought back home with us. So, don’t worry about toilets or water. Make a visit if you are in Yogyakarta.


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