The Amazing Klayar Beach 

(Fryzen Ichen) – Klayar Beach is one of my favorite beaches in East Java. It is about 40 kilometers away to the west of Pacitan. When I first heard and saw the pictures about this beach, I thought It was just edited pictures until I visited and saw it with my own naked eyes. It is real. A true beauty. I went there with 5 of my friends. We left early in the morning, about 4AM, because we live in Central Java. It took about 4 hours driving. We thought it would be super crowded because of it’s beauty, so we left earlier hoping that we would be the first people at the beach and we could take great pictures before people start coming. We were wrong! Surprisingly, not to many people know about this little piece of heaven. The beach is clean, there are several toilets too. This beautiful white sandy beach always comes to my mind when summer time is in the air. I recommend you to go there as you know a story is never enough until you see and enjoy by yourself.


3 Comments Add yours

    1. fryzen512 says:

      Thank you 😀🙌


  1. KathrinS says:

    Wow, absolutely stunning!! The second photo is amazing.
    Kathrin —


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